Jordan Barlow

One of the best nail salons I have been to! Excellent service – very friendly and polite. Happy to chat, but also happy to let you relax and enjoy the pampering and massage chairs. HUGE selection of colours, designs, techniques, etc… I chose to have a manicure with acrylic nails and shellac, and a pedicure with shellac. The pedicure is definitely the best one I have had. They did the full works: cleaning, exfoliating, moisturising, buffing, shaping, etc. Not one step was rushed, and the nail technician had great attention to detail. I was very impressed with the pedicure! The manicure was also fantastic, they have a range of different designs to choose from, not just one block colour. Again, great attention to detail when it came to cleaning and shaping the nails. The marble effect I chose was artistically done, I was very happy! Overall, great service and skill, and I will be a regular customer there from now on!